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I provide technical solutions and assistance that increase your sales and earnings.

You need a Tech-Savvy Partner?

In the recent world of business, having a tech-savvy partner is crucial. Doing business is war and If you want to survive, you need some technical muscle to compete especially when you are bringing your business online.

Trying to learn these things requires a lot of brain juice and will consume your precious time.

Do you want to take the technical aspect of your business off your shoulders so you focus on making the actual money? This is where I come in

I specialize in handling the technical problems of a business, so you don’t have to worry about navigating complex technical wahala.

When you work with me

Security ​

I'll secure your social media accounts from hackers making them un-hackable thereby protecting your online presence from intruders.

Page & Profile Revamp

I'll create & revamp your page & profile to make them look more business-oriented and appealing to your existing & potential customers.

Website Design​

I'll create a befitting website answering the vital questions for your business and will integrate forms and payment methods, making it easy for your customers to contact or pay for your products and services through your website.

Sponsored Ads Setup​

I'll set up sponsored adverts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, to showcase your products to a larger audience, using the best standard ad practices thereby increasing your visibility, sales, and earnings.

Facebook Monetization​

I'll technically put you on the right path to grow and monetize your page, set up your account for monetization, and credit your bank account from your earnings even if you live in an unlisted country like Nigeria.

Technical Support

Whenever you run into any technical issues in your business, I'll be there to take you by hand and guide you toward the best possible solutions.

What are they Saying you asked?

I have been searching for best solutions to all, but I bless the day I had the blessed encounter. I am in business with you forever.

Stanislaus Obikwelu
CEO of Fitwithstan

I highly recommend Stanwaves. They are the best in giving a new look to small businesses. Our brand Clatio speaks highly of their professional and intensive services.

Clara Ananeme
Founder of Clatio

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